If you have crossed the positive and negative terminals when replacing your car battery or have forgotten to disconnect the battery terminal when replacing the alternator and accidentally caused a spark, chances are your alternator fuse was “blown”.  When this happens the car will not start and other gauges in your instrument panel may not function!  While most fuses are easily accessible and replaceable, see the blog on Changing your Car's Fuse, the alternator fuse is a little difficult to access and replace.  Hopefully this article will save you some money and time.

Toyota Camry 2007 Alternator Fuse

Go to the hood of your car and open it.  To the right (as you’re facing the car) is a black fusebox.  Pop the lid open to expose the fuses.  Note that the underside of the lid has a diagram of each fuse and the size in amps.  For the 2007 Toyota Camry (US Spec) the fuse associated with the alternator is a 120 amp fuse link bar, blue in color.  There are 2 of these fuse link bars that supply current to many systems, so the second one from the left with the following numbers is the one you need to check: 82620-33030.  Visually look at the side to see if it’s “blown”.  If it is, read on…

Toyota Camry Fusebox

At this time, disconnect one of your battery terminals, if you haven’t already done so.  You may need to remove the ecm, the airfilter assembly, and the fusebox itself so as to get adequate and easier access to the right side of the fusebox. The fuse link bars are bolted into the fusebox, so you will need a screwdriver (flathead and Philips head), a #10 hex tool, and a pair of pliers for this project. 

Use the flathead screwdriver to press against the 2 tabs shown above near the "red" arrows.  If pressed correctly, it will release the entire section of the fusebox so that you can lift it out.  Once the section comes out, you will see a plastic cover.  Move the cover carefully, enough to see the two bolts that are holding the fuse link bars in place.  Use a phillips head screwdriver or the #10 hex tool to remove the bolts. Once the bolts are removed, use the pliers to carefully pull the fuse link bar out.  Replace this old one with the new one, making sure that the sides match up accurately.  Tighten the bolts again and replace the fuse section that was taken out and make sure it “snaps” into place.  If you had removed the bolts that hold the air filter assembly, the ecm, and the fusebox, reassemble everything.  Be sure to plug all of the wires back.  Thoroughly check through again to make sure that everything is nice and tight and there are no loose plugs. 

Toyota Camry alternator Fusebox replacement

To ensure that no other fuses are “blown”, check the other fuses under the hood by manually removing and inspecting them; replace if necessary.  Also check the fuses under the kick panel.  Once everything is ready, reconnect the battery terminals.  You are now ready to start the vehicle.  If everything was done right, the car should start and all of the gauges should be working.