Worn Car components 


Every time you use your car, it goes through a lot of wear and tear. However, there are some parts of your car that specifically experience a greater amount of wear and tear, and need to be checked and replaced often. How can you check if any of these parts are worn out and need replacement?


Parts that have a lot of wear and tear

  • Tires – Depending on how you drive and what kind of roads you drive on regularly, your tires can wear out within a few thousand miles. Worn tires have less grip on the road while driving, and will skid easily and more often, even on good roads.

  • Brake pads – These pads will wear out every few thousand miles and the timeline, again, depends on your usage and driving style. Driving in traffic, braking often, braking frequently, can all reduce the life of brake pads.

  • Timing belt/fan belt – They are usually made of a rubber-like material and undergo a lot of stress. Over time, they may get worn out and eventually break.


  • Spark plugs/glow plugs – Spark plugs are used in petrol-based vehicles, and glow plugs in diesel vehicles. If they get worn out or burned, they may have insufficient or irregular sparking, and interfere with ignition and smooth running of the vehicle.


  • Bulbs – Bulbs can fuse, break on impact during accidents or get short-circuited if there is a problem with the battery or the wiring. Problems with bulbs can also affect their throw and spread, making it difficult to drive in the dark.

  • Rusting of car body – This is a strong possibility if you live near the coast or in areas where the moisture and salt content in the air is very high. It corrodes the metal of your car body and damages it.


How to check for wear and tear

  • Tire treads will not be as deep as on new tires and some treads may have disappeared altogether. This process is called balding of the tire and is an indicator that you need a change of tires.

  •  Brake pads will appear thinner and shaved off as they get worn. Most brake pads have an indicator which tells you when they need to be changed. If they appear too thin, or if your car does not brake as well, it means that the pads need changing. 


  • Thinning of shaving off of timing/fan belt


  • Fused bulbs are easy to check. The headlights, tail lights or indicators may not come on, and the bulbs may have black filaments, or give out a burned smell. You will need to fix new light bulbs to get it working again.


  • Rust on outer car body parts is easily visible. You may notice rusting on doors, bumpers or edges of the roof. If you do, get it cleaned, fix anything that may be broken, and get a fresh coat of paint done for your car to protect it from rusting.


  • Spark plugs are located in the engine of the car, and cannot be checked without opening them from their fixed position inside the engine. It is best to get your mechanic to check the plugs. Spark plugs will look black and burned out with a lot of carbon deposition on them.